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PMA 100-901046 p901046 Touring 1990 Audi V8 Quattro #46 Team SMS Motorsport , DTM Jelinski, Frank [2008]
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Following two successful years in the States, having won the TransAm Championship and seven races in the IMSA-GTO series, Audi entered its Audi V8 with quattro driveline against the competition from BMW, Mercedes, Opel and Toyota in the 1990 German National Touring Car Championship `DTM´. The driver was Hans-Joachim Stuck, joined occasionally by Walter Röhrl and - for the final event - Frank Jelinski. The Audi V8 quattro was prepared by Audi in Ingolstadt and entered by the successful Audi race engineering firm, Schmidt Motorsport. The minimum weight of the car had initially been set at 1220 kg in accordance with the handicap regulations of the DTM championship, but was revised twice by the organisers. To avoid unnecessary pollution, the German Touring Car Championship was run with unleaded fuel and compulsory catalytic converters as of 1990; noise levels were also restricted. During the 1990 season, Hans-Joachim Stuck had already managed five outright wins with the Audi V8 quattro - more than any other driver, whereas his team-mate Walter Röhrl contributed another win for Audi. With maximum support from his team-mates Walter Röhrl and Frank Jelinski, Stuck won the final two races on the Hockenheimring - and the 1990 DTM Championship.

Model Features:
opening doors, bonnet and trunk lid
engine detail
authentic interior detail
working steering

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