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I have been working with the team at hobbyDB – a group of similarly-minded collectors with a lot of experience selling online - to build a secure, fully-functioning online marketplace for all of you. Now you can buy items right here, on your favorite site and know that you purchase will be secure and protected by the folks at hobbyDB.

[Do I need to be a hobbyDB  member to buy anything?[
No siree! You are welcome to checkout as a guest. If you are a hobbyDB member, you will have the additional benefit of the item going straight into your online collection. This makes keeping a record of your collection super simple in the long run.

[What types of payment do you accept?[
All our payments are processed through PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

[How do I make sure I’m protected on this marketplace?[
We take extra steps in our process to make sure our buyers get their items and are happy with them before we pay our sellers. When you pay for your order, your money goes into escrow so that it is protected. This way, if you are unhappy with your order, or a seller does not deliver, you will receive a refund.

[What is your return policy?[
If there are issues with your order or a seller, please contact at the hobbyDB team at tressa@hobbyDB.com and we will help you with your resolution.

If buyer is not satisfied for any reason with their purchase, they have 5 days upon receipt to return an item to sender. Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost to the seller. A refund will be made for the full cost of the purchase item via Paypal once the seller has received said item.

If item is significantly different than the listing description, then the seller will be responsible for return shipping costs. Upon receiving the returned item, if the seller does not resolve the issue with the buyer within 5 business days, all associated costs with item purchased will be refunded to the buyer.

If buyer has waited beyond 5 days (after receipt) to voice any concerns the sale is final.

If a buyer does not receive an item within a reasonable amount of days after receiving their tracking information dependent on shipping location – all associated costs with the item purchased will be refunded.

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